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HTML/CSS/JavaScript Projects

Solo Project.

Fall 2021.

Front-End Development.

UX Engineering.

1-Minute Overview


Solo Project. Developed two web applications using basic front-end frameworks (HTML/CSS/JavaScript).

My Role


 Front-End Developer:

Built web-based user interfaces

  • Pokédex

  • Codecademy Home Page (recreation)

What did I Learn?

This experience taught me how to write efficient code and ground my designs within time/skill constraints. It also gave me a greater understanding of developer work flows and thought processes.

Final Design Overview

Explain what was build and demonstrate what was deliverd.


Built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the Pokédex API found here.

Codecademy Recreation

A recreation of the codecademy homepage using HTML & CSS.

Other Projects

birds eye mock w back.png

3D Museum Experience

Kohls Mock.png

Kohl's Data Visualization Tool

OWL mock w back.png

Purdue OWL Redesign

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